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Within our Cytogenetics department at Tirumala Diagnostics, our skilled geneticists specialize in the analysis of chromosomes and genetic abnormalities. Through a variety of tests and techniques, we aid in the diagnosis of genetic disorders, assess the risk of inherited conditions, and provide valuable insights into reproductive health.

Cytogenetic tests involve the examination of chromosomes, which are the structures that carry genetic information within our cells. Our geneticists carefully analyze the structure, number, and arrangement of chromosomes to identify any abnormalities or alterations that may be present.

These tests are particularly helpful in diagnosing genetic disorders, such as Down syndrome, Turner syndrome, and chromosomal translocations. By identifying specific chromosomal abnormalities, we can provide accurate diagnoses and essential information for understanding the condition, planning appropriate treatments, and offering genetic counseling to individuals and their families.

Cytogenetic testing is also valuable in assessing the risk of inherited conditions. By studying the chromosomes of individuals with a family history of genetic disorders, we can provide insights into the likelihood of passing on specific genetic conditions to offspring. This information can guide reproductive decision-making and facilitate proactive management strategies.

Furthermore, our Cytogenetics department plays a vital role in reproductive health. We offer tests such as prenatal cytogenetics, which assess fetal chromosomes during pregnancy to detect chromosomal abnormalities and provide early intervention options when necessary. These tests enable informed decision-making and support the overall well-being of expectant parents.

Our team of skilled geneticists in the Cytogenetics department utilizes advanced laboratory techniques and equipment to provide accurate and reliable results. Through our comprehensive analysis of chromosomes, we aim to deliver valuable insights into genetic disorders, inherited conditions, and reproductive health.

At Tirumala Diagnostics, we are committed to delivering excellence in cytogenetic testing, contributing to the understanding, diagnosis, and management of genetic conditions. Trust in our expertise to provide you with comprehensive information and compassionate care throughout your genetic health journey.

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